Why a Baseball Blog?

I have been doing some reading today and found out that I can get my baseball blog posted on MLB.com’s MLBlogs by just posting a little about myself and my blog. This blog was created awhile back with no real idea of what it would be about. Then just recently I decided to begin posting about my favorite sport, Baseball! I love watching games on mlb.com and think that is the best invention in this wonderful world. Being able to watch any game at any time is so great for a fan that lives so far away from the baseball team he really loves.

When I was young I could only watch games of a few teams and those teams never really interested me much. I have always been more into watching baseball then any other sport. Watching a pitcher throw a perfect game or a big swinger hitting a grand slam to win the game or watching a team get a triple play are just a few of my favorites and thanks to modern technology I have seen them all.

This blog will be about MLB and my love for the game. I will post my thoughts on free agents and games and of course post stats. (Another reason I love baseball) I love comparing stats of today’s players with players that have been retired for years. Baseball has such a rich history and I feel it is our job to keep that history going. I got to watch Babe Ruth hit a homerun with my five year old son just recently thanks to modern technology and now we both know why he was such a great hitter in his time.

I have been a baseball fan for many years and with honor there has only been one team for me. While most of my childhood friends cheered for which ever team was hot that season, I stuck it out with the same team every year, no matter how good or how bad they got. That team is still in my heart and trust me there have been many times where I wanted to give up on them and cheer for a better team. I am proud of myself for never giving into temptation and I hope that dedication will be paid in full by many post season celebrations. And that team is the Cincinnati Reds!

Darren Soanes

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