Jair Jurrjens in Great American Ballpark

I have read some reports that Jair Jurrjens might be traded from Atlanta Braves. And I have heard rumors that Cincinnati Reds might trade for him. So I thought I would add my two cents and hopefully Walt Jocketty reads it and takes my advice. If not I will be happy with the idea that I can later on show the link for this post and prove that it was a big mistake to trade for him. And if I am wrong and he turns out to be a great pitcher for the Reds I will be glad to say I am sorry but I for one have not seen many pitchers do very well in Great American Ballpark. That could be why not many pitchers want to sign with the Reds in the offseason unless they are getting a huge paycheck like Francisco Cordero got a few years back.

Cordero in Great American Ballpark

               Split   G  AB  R   H HR BB  SO   BA BAbip
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 162 593 59 142 10 62 140 .239  .295

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Generated 11/19/2011.

Jurrjens in Great American Ballpark

               Split G AB  R  H HR BB SO   BA BAbip
    CIN-GreatAmer BP 4 77 16 23  6 10 18 .299  .315

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Generated 11/19/2011.

With 4 games (2008 – 2011) as a starting pitcher in Great American Ballpark Jair Jurrjens has given up 6 home runs, 16 earned runs, 23 hits in 17 innings of play giving him a 0 – 2 record with 2 no decisions. His last start in Great American Ballpark was on Friday, July 22, 2011 where he gave up three home runs, four earned runs, three walks and recorded nine strikeouts. In six innings he threw 100 pitches, 59 of them strikes. 6.2 innings is the longest he has ever lasted in this ballpark which was in 2010 where he gave up five earned runs with one home run, throwing 104 pitches with 70 of them being strikes. So it is safe to say that Great American Ballpark has not been very nice to him. Then again not many pitchers who have pitched there can say it has.

Hopefully the front office for the Cincinnati Reds will make the right decision to help out the team. If it is true that they are going to trade for him, I hope they don’t give up to much in return. The Reds have a lot of potential in their young players and I would hate to see three or even four of them traded to Atlanta. In my mind if they are looking for a starting pitcher they should look in the American League that way the young guys they trade away will not come back to haunt them to soon.

Jair Jurrjens in Great American Ballpark

Rk        Date5   Rslt  IP H R ER BB SO HR Pit Str   ERA
2    2008-05-31 L  7-8 4.1 9 6  6  6  2  2  99  55 12.46
3    2009-06-16 L  2-7 2.0 2 1  1  1  1  0  38  24  4.50
4    2010-07-31 L  2-5 6.2 8 5  5  0  6  1 104  70  6.75
5    2011-07-22 W  6-4 6.0 4 4  4  3  9  3 100  59  6.00

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Generated 11/19/2011.

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