It is nice to have options

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, at Sun Life Stadium, Yonder Alonso batting 5th in the order for Cincinnati Reds went 3 for 4 with 1 walk and 1 strike out. He got a double and a home run with 4 RBIs and one run.

On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, at Wrigley Field Alonso went 3 for 4 again for the Reds batting 5th in the order. This time he got only one run batted in.

Those were two great games for Yonder Alonso in 2011. He had many great games this season and he impressed the fans and the front office of the Reds very much that they want to get him into the lineup more often any way they can. Of course Joey Votto plays 1B for the Reds and that has stopped Yonder from playing more. But if he can adapt to playing in left field I am sure he will get lots of playing time and will impress us even more.

Many people think it is a mistake to put him in LF but I just think back to who we used to have in that spot for many years and say; There is no way he will do worse then Adam Dunn. And just think of how much more valuable he will be if he does get good at playing in the field too. Players who can play multiple positions and hit well are usually very hard to find so many teams will pay big bucks to get them and keep them. And of course there is the fact that Joey Votto might not re-sign with the Reds after 2013 so having Yonder Alonso on the team really helps for the future.

The Reds have a very strong group of youngsters coming up through the farm system right now and for the first time in many years of being a fan I am very proud of our players. They did not do very well in 2011 but to me there is a lot of promise and it sure feels good to have all of these young guys every other team wants for a change. If Walt Jocketty is as smart as many say he is, I hope he will not trade them away without getting good value back in return. Yonder Alonso is one of those players I can see being on the Reds for a long time if the front office play their cards right.

Other players on the Reds I can’t wait to see play more are Zack Cozart, Devin Mesoraco, Dave Sappelt, Juan Francisco and Yasmani Grandal.

Yonder Alonso

Year   Age  Tm  Lg   G  AB  H   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
2010    23 CIN  NL  22  29  6 .207 .207 .276 .483
2011    24 CIN  NL  47  88 29 .330 .398 .545 .943
2 Seasons           69 117 35 .299 .354 .479 .833
162 Game Avg.      162 275 82 .299 .354 .479 .833

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