Reds Rumors

Lately I have been reading a lot of trade rumors involving the Cincinnati Reds. First one out was Andrew Bailey from Oakland Athletics. Now there is one for Huston Street of Colorado Rockies. I know that Francisco Cordero might not return but why would the Reds trade their top prospects for a relief pitcher? It really makes no sense at all to trade away Yonder Alonso, plus one or two more top prospects for a relief pitcher. In my mind they need an experienced starting pitcher who can get the job done and teach the younger pitchers how to handle their job better. An older pitcher who has been in Major League Baseball for 10+ years. Someone like Scott Rolen (for the young position players) who has been around and knows the business. And to be honest this pitcher should not be that expensive of an acquisition which will help the front office afford more offense and maybe a younger closer later on in the offseason.

I feel that if Walt Jocketty can bring in a starter of this caliber it will really help with getting the younger starters focused and maybe teach them a little more about the game. Of course the Reds will need someone to fill Cordero’s shoes but lets not focus too much on that until we find that starter and know for sure that Cordero is not returning. I would rather see them give the job to Bill Bray or another person already on the team then try another season without an experienced starter to help Bronson Arroyo. If the Reds are going to have their young catchers playing more this season they will need that veteran starter more than anything. And in my mind a closer should not even be on the radar right now. You have to get a win in order to get the save guys and as 2011 showed us, they are having a hard time doing that.

Adding a veteran starting pitcher to help mold the youngsters is a good way to help the Reds in the near future. They might not see the advantage of it in 2012 but it will help for 2013 and longer, which is a lot better than having a closer who cost them all of their future stars.

I know that I am just an armchair GM but this makes a lot more sense then what other people are suggesting in comments I have read. Trading away the team’s top prospects for a young starter is not going to help the team in the long run. Sure it would be nice to get that stud starter who gets 25 wins in 35 starts but at what cost? Is it really worth trading away the whole farm system to get him? And will this guy still be with the Reds in two to three years? I highly doubt it. And another thing that many people are not thinking about is, Great American Ballpark will eat that young stud pitcher up and spit him out over and over again, which will send him packing a lot quicker than expected.


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