What has he done for us lately?

I found a tracker listing all of the moves Walt Jocketty has done for Cincinnati Reds since he joined the club in 2008. I thought I would share the link and see what everyone thinks about some of the deals he has done. Walt Jocketty Transaction Tracker

Some moves include trading for Scott Rolen, who I believe played a huge role in getting the Reds to the playoffs in 2010. Signing Aroldis Chapman to a contract. (We are still waiting to see if this was a good deal.) And trading for one of my favorite players, Corky Miller, who I think will one day become the Reds Manager.

I have been guilty a few times of going off at the handle demanding Walt to make some kind of move just to show he is still working many times but I promise you it is all out of love for this great team. I have been a fan longer then he has been a GM here so I think I have earned the right to be a little upset sometimes. I just hope he does make some moves this offseason that will better the team and push them back into the playoffs very soon. Of course I know he wants the same thing I do and I have faith in the Reds front office to do a good job at not throwing away our top prospects for players to be named later.

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