Still nothing to report

It is times like this I wish I was not a Reds fan. The only thing Cincinnati Reds have done this offseason is re-sign Corky Miller. I thought they would get a deal done with Brandon Phillips and even try to get Francisco Cordero back but from the sounds of it they are not even close to coming to a deal with either one of these key players. And Walt Jocketty squashed all of our offseason hopes right away by telling reporters that they would not be getting any free agents and would be trading for what they need. Which I don’t know about the other Reds fans out there but it scares the ____ out of me to know that I might wake up tomorrow and find out that they traded the whole farm system away for one player that isn’t worth a bag of balls.

I still don’t understand why the Reds Front Office did not trade away Ramon Hernandez or even Cordero at the trade deadline if they had no intention of signing them again. There were some teams that were interested in Hernandez so it makes no sense at all.  If it was just so then they could get a draft pick I am going to be very upset, more than I already am. You mean to tell me no other team could offer more than what we would get with a draft pick for Hernandez? I have a hard time believing that. Does Walt even know how to send an email or text? The days of sitting in a bar and writing down deals on napkins are over Walt, get with it already! If you are going to sit on your hands like this with Joey Votto you are never going to even get a response from him or his agent. I know that many are saying already that he has no interest in signing again with the Reds and from what I have seen with how Jocketty is doing business I don’t blame him. The guy deserves to get paid for his hard work.

To be honest, I was not expecting a lot to happen this offseason but I really didn’t think the only deal they would have done is signing Corky Miller at this time, no offence to Corky he is a great player and I am a fan but this is sad. I for one am very tired of hearing Walt report that he tried to get some deals done but could not get what he wanted. I understand he wants good value but let’s be honest here, for three seasons he has been saying this while every team out there have been making things happen in order to make their team better. I know that the Reds don’t have the money, I have been a fan for over 15 years now so I have heard it all before but even teams with lower budgets than the Reds are making moves to improve. I think it is time for a big deal to wow us again. Like they did when they signed Cordero a few years back.

The New York Yankees are even signing small budget players this year which is starting to make this the worst offseason EVER! Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols are still free agents! A free agents only option is to re-sign with their old teams for a one year contract. I would not be surprised if most players offered arbitration this season take it and really hurt their teams wallets. If I was a player I would do it just to give the GM heart burn for a month.

I know that I should be in a good mood today and be thankful for what we have but this has been dragging on for way to long. If the Reds don’t get any deals done this offseason we are in for another nail-biting season. No matter what happens I will always be a fan of the Reds but I just get tired of seeing everyone else and their dog make deals at this time while the Reds say they tried. To tell you the sad but honest truth, even trading for a low-budget player who should only be playing in AAA would make me happy right now. Corky Miller should have held out for more money cause he might be the only deal made this offseason.

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