What can we expect to happen this offseason

There have been many trade rumors lately with talks about Yonder Alonso going for a #2 starter or closing pitcher. Ryan Hanigan being moved for a starter, and the list goes on and on.

I for one do not think there are going to be any big blockbuster trades by the Cincinnati Reds this offseason. I don’t see either Alonso or Hanigan being traded and I don’t think the Reds will even make the front page of MLB.com when they do make a trade. It is going to be an off the radar move that will help the club a bit and it will be one that they will be able to afford. I, like every die-hard Reds fan out there wish they could make huge deals this offseason and shake things up but I honestly don’t think they can afford to even get a bottom of the rotation starter for a player they are not paying that much for. Sure if they are willing to trade Hanigan and Alonso they will get some good offers but they will not be able to afford the contracts of a lot of these players offered. Now if they were going to trade someone like Scott Rolen or Bronson Arroyo they might get some young talent they can afford that would stay on the team a little longer and help the team out in the long run but that would mean another few years of below .500 baseball and I am not sure if the Reds fans are up for that again. And to be quite blunt, I think the front office truly believes they have a good enough team right now to make the playoffs again so I really don’t think they will trade much away.

I really hope I am wrong with this but my gut is telling me that this will be another very dull offseason for Reds fans. Even getting a deal done with Brandon Phillips might not happen this offseason. It sure would be nice to wake up tomorrow and read that the Reds made some huge moves and signed Phillips to a 3 year deal at a discount price allowing them to go shopping for even more players and it also would be nice if I won the lottery but I can not see that ever happening. So I am just going to wait and keep my fingers crossed, hoping they don’t trade away the future for those under the radar players.

If the Reds front office think they have a winner already without making any trades or free agent offers I really hope they are right. I would love to see the young players we have all break out and take first again just to prove 2010 wasn’t a fluke. I would also love to see Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder sign with American League teams. (That is at the top of my Christmas list this year.)

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