Once again Yonder Alonso is being put in trade rumors and it is starting to really get old. I have no idea why people think the Cincinnati Reds would trade him away for a closer or even a #2 or worse starter. Yonder Alonso might not have had the at bats to really “prove” himself yet but after 2012 there will be no doubt and then his trade value will go through the roof which the Reds will still not trade him away. It makes no sense why the Reds would trade away one of their top players who they will need in about two seasons for a closer that is not worth an old bag of popcorn or a starter who will start in the middle of their rotation and get lit up in Great American Ball Park. Wayne Krivsky is no longer the GM of the Reds and for some strange reason fans of all the other teams out there think he still is by suggesting the dumbest trades I have ever heard of in my time of being a fan of this great sport.

If Walt Jocketty does think about trading someone like Yonder it will most likely be a blockbuster trade that should bring the Reds a #1 starter and a LF and maybe even a SS. It will not be the other way around where Yonder goes with one of their catcher prospects and three other top prospects for a #2 starter who only has one or two years on his contract. Wayne Krivsky is no longer in the front office people! These stupid trades do not happen here anymore! Proof? The Reds have not made any stupid deals like that since Krivsky left. Do they still have Adam Dunn? Do they still have Ken Griffey Jr.?

What boggles my mind is the fact that some of these reports are coming from “respected” sources and these guys are way off. If, and I really mean IF the Reds make any moves at all this offseason it will be small moves which do not include ANY of their top prospects unless it is a huge 5 to 6 man deal where the Reds walk away with a #1 starter, young closer who has over 3 years on his contract and a LF along with a SS.

Walt Jocketty has not thrown away the Reds future players for over three years. What makes you think he will now? I highly doubt any of the top prospects will go anywhere this offseason due to the fact that they are cheap and the only people the Reds can afford right now. Trading away three or more minor league contract players for a 3 to 9 million dollar a year player is not going to happen. So please stop kicking that dead horse already and move on. Krivsky has left the building and trades that you are suggesting are never going to happen again! The fire sale at Great American Ball Park has been closed for years now and I really doubt it will ever open again.


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