Lucky #7

Great American Ball Park has seen 7 HRs hit by the Reds players in one game three different times. Funny thing is, I watched all three of the games and didn’t realize how special it was until now.

The first 7 home run game in GABP was on May 7, 2008 in front of 28,418 fans. Cincinnati Reds (14-21) vs. Chicago Cubs. (19-15) Edinson Volquez, W (5-1) was pitching for the Reds and Jon Lieber, L (2-2) got the loss pitching for the Cubs.

Joey Votto (1B) hit three while Adam Dunn, (LF) Paul Bako, (C) Brandon Phillips (2B) and Jerry Hairston (SS) hit one each.

The second game to see such a homer happy result was on September 19, 2008 with 20,855 in attendance. The Reds (71-82) vs. Milwaukee Brewers. (84-70) This time it was Ramon Ramirez, W (1-0) getting the start for Cincinnati and Jeff Suppan, L (10-10) starting for Milwaukee.

Joey Votto (1B) got 2 this time along with Jay Bruce (RF) who also got 2. Jolbert Cabrera, (LF) Andy Phillips (PH) and Jerry Hairston (SS) got one each.

The most recent 7 HR game was on August 13, 2011. Cincinnati Reds (59-61) vs. San Diego Padres. (53-68) Homer Bailey, W (7-5) got the start for the Reds and Tim Stauffer, L (7-9) got the loss for the Padres.

Miguel Cairo (2B) and Ryan Hanigan (C) hit two while Jay Bruce, (RF) Todd Frazier (3B) and Joey Votto (1B) got one each.

So next time you want to stump your friends in Reds trivia you can ask them “What hitter for the Reds hit at least one home run in all three of the Reds 7 HR nights in Great American Ball Park?” Let me know if they all scream out Joey Votto right away. If you look closely at the results below you will also see what kind of teams they were at that time with 10 runners left on base in the first game, then 6 LOB and then in 2011 only 1. Dusty Baker is finally getting his ‘get him on, get him over and get him in’ baseball.

Date        Tm Opp   Rslt AB  H HR RBI LOB
2011-08-13 CIN SDP W 13-1 36 13  7  13   1
2008-09-19 CIN MIL W 11-2 40 15  7  11   6
2008-05-07 CIN CHC W  9-0 38 15  7   9  10

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Generated 11/26/2011.

The Reds also had 2 other 7 HR games. Both at Wrigley Field against Chicago Cubs, July 10, 2008 and July 4, 2010. Drew Stubbs hit 3 in the 2010 game. That is also the only 7 HR game where Joey Votto did not hit a home run. (He only got one at bat that game.) Once again with the 2008 team leaving a lot of runners on base (9) and the recent team not as much. (5)

Date          Tm Opp   Rslt AB  H HR RBI LOB
2010-07-04   CIN CHC W 14-3 43 16  7  14   5
2008-07-10   CIN CHC W 12-7 44 18  7  12   9

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Generated 11/26/2011.

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