Why the Reds should not trade Ryan Hanigan

Ryan Hanigan had a 1.09 BB/K putting him 6th out of all 2011 hitters who saw more than 150 PA (304 PA) he had 35 walks and 32 strike outs. The other 5 ahead of him are Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera, Alberto Callaspo, Nick Punto and Jose Bautista.

In his career (287 games) he has 116 walks with 95 strike outs in 949 PA. Now that he will not be sharing time with Ramon Hernandez he should get a lot more plate appearances and these numbers should get even better. He has a .371 career OBP already and I feel he would make a great number two hitter in the batting order with Brandon Phillips being number one then Joey Votto playing his usual third in the order. This would then open up the 8 spot for strike out king, Drew Stubbs who would be good if he could get on base and then have the pitcher bunt him over to second or even third if he already stole a base before the bunt. He would bat 7th if Paul Janish is the SS.

Bill James is predicting Ryan Hanigan will play in 108 games in 2012 with 404 PA, 47 BB and 40 SO. I predict he would do a lot better if Dusty Baker did put him in the number two spot after Brandon Phillips. Of course he does not have great speed but he would get on base and that is what they need for Joey Votto to get more RBIs and getting Brandon Phillips to second or third should be the main goal for 2012. In 2011 Hanigan only grounded into 3 double plays which would also help out when getting guys on base for Joey Votto.

My Batting Order
Cincinnati Reds

1 Brandon Phillips (2B)
2 Ryan Hanigan (C)
3 Joey Votto (1B)
4 Scott Rolen (3B)
5 Jay Bruce (RF)
6 Zack Cozart (SS)
7 Yonder Alonso (LF)
8 Drew Stubbs (CF)
9 Pitcher



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