Reds free agents

Most fans of Cincinnati Reds know that they lost Ramon Hernandez, Francisco Cordero and Edgar Renteria to free agency but what most might not know is that there were others lost after the 2011 season from the minors. I thought I would discuss two that might be seen in 2012 on another team.

James Avery with 7 seasons in the minors had 43 wins and 49 losses with a 4.53 ERA and 1.43 WHIP. Most of that time was in AA with only 2 games being in AAA.

Eric Campbell has played 8 seasons in the minors with 730 games, 3030 PA and a .275 BA, .352 OBP, .484 SLG and 127 HR, 488 RBIs with no time in AAA at all.

Other minor league free agents not re-signed by the Reds are Michael Griffin, Jose Gualdron, Carlos Mendez, Jose Castro, James Skelton, David Cook, Mike Costanzo, Quintin Berry, Ruben Medina and Doug Salinas.

Now many of us know that not everyone will make it to the big leagues but with scouting the way it is now we hope that the list of players that don’t make it is very small compared to the list that do make it. Especially with how valuable young players are right now in Major League Baseball. It is nice for a team to have 3 or 4 top players but it is just as important to have top prospects who will take over for those players once they move on or retire. And if the team is a low budget team like the Reds these young players make up most of the roster or help get players the team needs in trades. I am one of those fans that hates to see players lost to free agency but it is part of the game and teams have to try every year to work around it.


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