Why even go?

I just read from Mark Sheldon that Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty will not make any ‘rash decisions at Meetings.’ My question is, why even send him then? From what I have seen in the past a rash decision means “any” decision in Walt Jocketty’s dictionary so why don’t the Reds save money and not send Walt and his team to Texas at all. They might even save so much money doing this that they can maybe sign some players they will need in order to even break over .500 this season. It has been said that the Reds will not even bother with free agents this offseason and most people are assuming they will trade for what they need. Sure it is true, the Reds don’t really have a lot to offer in trades and I for one would rather see Yonder Alonso play left field in 2012 than trade him for a #3 starter who will get lit up in Great American Ball Park any way.

I was not expecting huge deals to be done in the first place but Walt really knows how to crush a fan’s spirit. I think it is time for him to take his own advice and just stay quiet when it comes to talking to the press about these things. If he is not willing to tell the press who he is going after, why is he so freely telling the press he won’t be shaking things up? When the season ended I remember reading an article where Bronson Arroyo said “no one in the locker room is safe this offseason” and it made me stand up and say “YES!” and it gave me hope that things would be done. Of course it only took a few days for Walt Jocketty to say something and ruin that dream right away but that was the best moment for me this whole offseason so far. Sure I was happy to see Corky Miller re-sign but the Bronson Arroyo quote still tops it.

We now know that Cincinnati Reds will not be making the front page of any news papers or websites during the winter meetings and that they will not be signing any free agents this offseason so what do Reds fans do now? Go shopping for Reds gear at MLB.com? Buy season tickets early for 2012? I sure won’t be rushing to renew my mlb.com subscription this offseason right away and for the first time in many years I might not even ask for a Reds hat or jersey for Christmas.

I will always be a Reds fan that won’t change no matter what Walt Jocketty says or does this offseason but I really am not looking forward to hearing the “we tried” speech before spring training. Walt is right, making a deal just to make a deal during the winter meetings is stupid, but making no move at all is not very smart for a below .500 team either. Especially when there are teams in the same division that are rumored to be making huge deals to better their team. If by some strange chance Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder go to teams out of the Central division then sure Walt, don’t do a damn thing but I really doubt that will happen. And just to be clear, I do like Walt Jocketty and what he has done for the team since he has been here, I just wish the best for the Reds every year and I see many holes that have to be filled before spring training. Depending on Johnny Cueto to step up and be the ace in 2012 is like what they did with Edinson Volquez last season. If he is healthy great, but pushing him to the max is not going to help the team at all and what if he fails? Are we then going to put all of the pressure on Aroldis Chapman? Or Heaven help us, Homer Bailey? Mike Leake might be up for the challenge but I don’t want him down with injury for most of the season either. I just hope Bronson Arroyo bounces back and has another great season for the Reds.

And some good news today; Mark Sheldon reports that there is some progress in getting Brandon Phillips signed to a longer contract. You can check out his twitter page and see what he wrote. Update: Walt Jocketty killed that great news quicker than anything this offseason. He has said, “I think it’s still a ways to go,” which means once again the Reds have a lot of holes to fill in before spring training.

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