Is Dusty on his way out?

There has been a lot of talk lately about Cincinnati Reds talking to other managers and speculation of why the Reds made certain moves with their managers for their AAA and AA affiliates. Jim Riggleman and David Bell are at the top of that gossip list. Is Dusty Baker’s job in trouble midseason if the Reds are not doing well? Or are the Reds just making future plans for when Dusty steps down? Riggleman was offered a job to manage their Double-A affiliate in Pensacola and he’s likely to accept.

I for one would rather see Corky Miller manage than Riggleman but maybe a different manager is what the Reds need to get these youngsters motivated again. I really do not have any problems with Dusty Baker, I think he did pretty damn good considering what he had to work with when he first started. If this is just a rumor to maybe get Dusty motivated to try harder it might work, then again it might not, putting the team in even more turmoil. I have heard many times that the players really like Baker as the manager right now so talks like this might get players not interested in playing for the Reds.

If the Reds do decide to pull the plug on Dusty Baker, I hope they will give the job to Chris Speier before they offer it to Jim Riggleman or David Bell. I think Speier would do a good job if it is midseason, that way the Reds can look around next offseason for the perfect person if they are not happy with how Speier did.



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