It might happen to the Reds next offseason

After seeing that Jose Reyes signed with Miami Marlins, a division rival of New York Mets, a sick feeling came across me as a Cincinnati Reds fan. Will this happen to the Reds in the 2012 offseason with Brandon Phillips? There has been a lot of talk about both sides still being way off on an extension that would keep Phillips a Red for life and to tell you the truth it might not ever happen. Are the Reds going to pull the trigger at the trade deadline and get something for him than if they do not decide to keep him? Or, are they going to do the same thing the Mets did, wait it out and hope that he signs with a team that will not effect their stats that year? Jose Reyes signing with Miami just shows that a draft pick is not always the best path to choose. I really doubt any player the Mets pick in the draft will help them against Reyes and the Marlins in the near future. It is a move that will end up kicking them harder than they thought. Than again, it might also be a bad move on the part of Miami because of Reyes injuries but at this point I would have to say the Marlins made a good move.

The signing of Rose Reyes to Miami is like if Brandon Phillips signed with Chicago Cubs in 2012 / 13. It would not only kick Walt Jocketty in the back side but it would hurt more for the fans every time they played against the Cubs. I just hope this big news wakes Walt and his front office up and they get to work on signing Brandon Phillips or even gets them talking to GM’s at the winter meetings about a possible trade at the trade deadline in 2012.

I was really hoping an American League team would have signed Reyes but at least it was not a National League Central team. Now there are just a few more free agents to go. I still have my fingers crossed for Albert Pujols to go to Miami or an American League team and I really hope Prince Fielder signs with a team out of the Central too. This could be a great sign to things to come. The Winter Meetings are finally here and moves have already started. Buckle yourselves in and get ready for the fun!



  1. Red State Blue State

    I don’t think Albert is going anywhere so I hope you continues to haunt you 😉 In regards to Phillips, I like him as a player and I think he’s got mad skills, but in my opinion, I don’t think he’s the same type of offensive catalyst that Jose Reyes is.

    • 2r2d

      I think you are right. Pujols should re-sign with St. Louis. Brandon is a great player but I would rather have Joey Votto as a Red for life to tell you the truth.

    • 2r2d

      In a perfect world they would be able to keep both but I don’t think that will happen especially if the Marlins get Pujols. There will be a few teams gunning for Votto when he is a free agent.

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