Winter Meetings 2011

With the Winter Meetings in full swing a lot of fans wait to see if there will be any big moves right away to top what the Marlins did before the meetings began with signing SS Jose Reyes. I personally just want go the whole week without hearing that Cincinnati Reds traded away their key prospects like Yonder Alonso.

I just watched a video of Yonder Alonso answering questions from fans on and found one answer that impressed me the most. The question was, “In the long-term do you want to play, Left field or first base?” Alonso answered with, “It doesn’t matter as long as I am in the big leagues playing every day.” This shows me that this kid just wants to play and the Reds front office would be foolish to trade away a player like this, ever. I really doubt Yonder Alonso or Joey Votto will have to worry about that this offseason because it is very clear that the Reds want to keep them both for 2012.

The Winter Meetings have always been one of my favorite things to follow and this offseason is going to be even better because of some of the key players that are being discussed. I look forward to seeing where most of these guys go and hopefully there are some blockbuster trades to add to the free agent signing excitement.


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