Let the fun begin

Winter Meetings have started and so far there has been a lot of talk surrounding the Reds, considering I thought they were not going to do anything at all during these meetings. Shocking news came out that the Reds looked into free agent OF Josh Willingham and although he is not their main objective it is still a very good start for a team that didn’t plan to make many rash decisions at the winter meetings. And another name that has just come up is Octavio Dotel, the Reds have been reported to be just one of many teams interested in the 38 year old. I am very happy to see that the Reds front office is making some calls and trying to get involved early. If they are looking into free agents now that really shows me that they are serious about making another push for the playoffs in 2012 since the 2011 season did not end the way most of us thought it would.

With lots of rumors surrounding guys like Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder I really thought that would be the only interesting news I would follow this offseason during the meetings but now it seems there is more for me to write about. I have been very vocal about how I really hope that Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder go to teams outside of the Central and so far Miami is helping with one side of that, by really trying to get Pujols to sign with them. I hope Texas helps with the other, I have heard they are trying to get Fielder. Can you imagine the Cardinals and Brewers without them in 2012? That would make such a great Christmas gift for any Reds fan out there. Sure those teams will still be very tough to beat with who they have but those two players helped them a lot in 2011.

I have also read that our hopes of re-signing Francisco Cordero are not really even in the picture anymore and the Reds are hoping they can find someone on the team already that will fill that spot in 2012. I have even heard rumors about Edinson Volquez moving to the pen and being the closer. I for one would like to see Sam LeCure take over as the closer. I think he would do very good in that role.


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