The future looks bright

When I was younger I remember the only time I watched or even talked about baseball was during the season. Once my team, the Cincinnati Reds season was over (usually quicker than I hoped) I would go on to thinking about next season (for maybe a week) and hope they could do better than I would wait until the season started to start cheering again. The offseason was not something I followed much and if the team made any moves at all during the offseason I did not find out until the next season started.

Things have changed and thanks to modern technology we now can watch every baseball game at any time we want and we get front row seats to all the action during the season and in the offseason. Fans can get more involved in their teams and this makes the sport even more interesting. The offseason has become just as important and exciting as the season and teams are starting to compete against each other in both the season and offseason which adds to the fans excitement for the great sport of baseball. Fans get to see what it is like for front offices to try to sign top players and also get a full run down on rumors and real deals that happen every minute of the day. All of the information is right at our fingertips within seconds and it feels as if we are right there in the office with the player’s agent and teams front office when it happens.

Fans have the power to find out how much a player makes and for how many years before the player even does and although a lot of us are amazed at how much these guys get paid, we do not mind it one bit if they play their hardest for our team the next season. Being a baseball fan has never been more rewarding for me and I love the offseason now just as much as I love the season. Learning more about the young players while they learn and add to their ability in the minors along with watching games in other countries as a big international player is ready to come to Major League Baseball is just as exciting for fans now as is watching their favorite team play in the season. Watching spring training games while they happen and seeing which players are in shape before it all starts gives hope to the hardcore fans right away. Being able to see what the team will be like way before the opening day has become another favorite thing for me to do.

Being able to buy our favorite baseball teams jerseys and caps along with gear for their Affiliate teams has never been easier and it helps even the most hardcore out-of-town fan show their support. In my mind baseball has become even better as the days go by and I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful sport.

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