Another good day

With Miami pulling away from talks with Albert Pujols it looks like he will be staying in St. Louis. I hate that the deal did not get done for the Marlins but I also am glad that they set a time limit and stuck to it. Now they can get the pitching they needed instead and have a better all around team. Another plus to all of this is that the Cardinals did not get Pujols for a steal. They actually had to go up on their offer more and it will hurt them later on as the years go by.

The Reds had another quiet day with some talks about who they were looking into and what teams they talked to but nothing solid to really spend too much time talking about. I really don’t think they will get much done at the winter meetings except some ground work that might help make a deal later on in the offseason. But as many fans know, the longer you wait, the less chance they will have of getting good players that will help the team. The good old ‘hurry up and wait’ logic has been followed by the Reds front office for many years now and like I stated a few days ago, the Reds might have saved a lot of money if they would have not sent Walt Jocketty, Dusty Baker and the rest of the crew to Dallas at all. But I must admit they are doing more than I thought they would at these winter meetings. They are laying the ground work and I am proud to see them involved in some rumors. Only time will tell what will happen for the Reds this offseason. I still have my fingers crossed, hoping they will not trade away any young prospects.


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