Our prayers have been answered!

All I can say is, Thank God! With Albert Pujols signing with the Los Angeles Angels it brings all of my attention to Prince Fielder and I really hope he goes off to the American League too. This could turn out to be the most powerful offseason for the Reds ever and they didn’t even have to show up to the winter meetings. The signing of Albert Pujols might not be big to some fans but to me it is, because it takes one big bat away from the Cardinals and helps the Reds get some very well needed wins against them in 2012.

The Reds did not make any moves at all and that was expected. I really did not see them making any moves this week to help the club. Now that Pujols is signed out of the Central division the Reds front office can plan what they want to do in order to keep Joey Votto on the team. This should put re-signing him as the number one priority this offseason and during the season. They really don’t need someone like St. Louis signing Joey Votto when he is a free agent. Pitching should be number two on the list now because we still have a lot of young talent that can help Bronson Arroyo and Johnny Cueto. In a nutshell this really changes everything as to how the Reds should plan their offseason. Even if Prince Fielder goes to Chicago Cubs there will be a huge shift in the teams in the National League Central and the Reds are back into the race without even making a move yet.

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