Meggie Zahneis is my hero

I just finished reading a great article by’s youth correspondent Meggie Zahneis. “At Redsfest, work and leisure collide” made me smile and remember what it was like to cheer for a team when I was young. It showed me that we are all just big kids cheering for our favorite teams. To read what it meant to her to see her favorite players and be able to see them in a whole new light has opened my eyes to the possibility that anyone can achieve their dreams by just working hard and keeping positive. I for one will be waiting to read more from this young lady and I am very happy to see the youth of today excited about baseball. Thank you Meggie for putting a big smile on my face with reading your article and helping me remember this sport is not just for adults but even more for kids all around the World. I hope to see many more kids writing about this great sport in the near future. Their views on the sport are a very nice change from the usual articles by adult sports writers and to be honest not many have made me smile the way Meggie’s article did today.

Please go and see Breaking Barriers.


    • 2r2d

      Keep up the good work and know that you really are paving the way for every young fan out there and giving not only them hope but every baseball fan out there. I am very glad to see you are a Reds fan too.

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