Another early Christmas gift

Los Angeles Angels made one of my Christmas gifts come early this year when they signed Albert Pujols and got him out of the National League Central Division to help out my favorite baseball team the Cincinnati Reds. Now I am glad to announce that another early gift has fallen into my lap this year. My Cincinnati Reds themed fan blog 2r2d is being featured on MLBlogs. That alone is a great gift, but when I checked it out, I saw that I was right beside Tommy Lasorda’s World. I was giddy like a little school kid for over an hour when I first saw that. I am very honored to be featured on there and happy that people are liking 2r2d. Tommy Lasorda might not ever know who I am but I will never forget him and this great honor will forever be remembered. Thank you MLBlogs.

I have been a Reds fan for many years now and even though I might not ever be able to see a game live because I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, it has never stopped me from cheering just as loud as the hometown fans. I see a lot of promise in the Reds this year and for many to come and I am very proud to be a fan of baseball in general. It is the greatest sport out there and I enjoy watching it (not only Reds games but any game) any chance I can get.

And just for those keeping track, I still have one Christmas gift wish waiting to come true, Prince Fielder out of the Central Division with a big Red bow! If that comes true, this will go down as the best Christmas this Reds fan has ever had.


  1. crzblue

    Congratulations on being featured! And also being next to Tommy. He is a riot, even hearing his stories the second, third, fourth time around. We love our oldtimers. not too happy with Pujols going to the Angels but what can you do. I will just continue to bleed Dodger Blue!

    • 2r2d

      Thank you, it is going to be very interesting to see how the Dodgers do in 2012 and what moves they make in the offseason. Thank you for the link and I will be keeping my eye on your posts.

  2. Chris Ross

    What a shocker to see Albert Pujols go to the Angels. I thought after the Marlins were out on him he was going to lock up with the Cardinals but I guess not. The Angels are definitely a serious contender for the next couple of years but if Wilson and Pujols go on the decline things might not be too happy in LA LA land. This is a very intriguing move that shakes up the AL West big time. The Rangers now have some serious competition. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I’d really love to know what you think

    • 2r2d

      Thank you for checking out the blog and to tell you the truth even with Miami and the mystery team going for Pujols I really did not expect him to leave St. Louis but that is what happens when a front office doesn’t value a star player anymore. I will keep my eye on your blog and I look forward to chatting with you more.

  3. This is a very simple game...

    Is that why you’re wearing an Angels cap on the MLBlogs cover page then? Congrats on the cover by the way and what a fun way to discover your blog. It is always nice to get a difference making rival player out of your division, especially out of your league all together. Good luck with your third Christmas wish…though I hope he at least stays in the NL. 😉
    — Kristen

    • 2r2d

      Yes, that is the reason I am wearing an Angels hat. I have family in California and they have always been trying to convert me over to the American League. I thought I would show thanks to the Angels for getting Pujols. It not only effects the American league but it is huge for the National League Central. Thank you for checking out 2r2d

  4. Benny, the Brewer Fan

    Congrats on getting featured! I was wondering on why you were wearing an Angels hat but that really does make sense, now. I’m very glad that Pujols left the NL Central, that really will help the Brewers compete.

    • 2r2d

      It really helps out those teams big time and I think you are going to see a huge difference in how pitchers handle the other batters in that Cardinals lineup now.

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