Will it happen again?

In 1971 Cincinnati Reds had 79 wins and 83 losses. The very same record they finished with in 2011.

In 1970 they finished with 102 wins with 60 losses. Losing 4 games to 1 in the World Series against Baltimore Orioles. (108-54) As we all know in 2010 the Reds had 91 wins and 71 losses not making it to the World Series but they still made the playoffs losing 3 games and getting swept by Philadelphia Phillies. (97-65)

In 1972 the Reds got 95 wins and 59 losses and returned to the World Series to lose again 4 games to 3 against Oakland Athletics. (93-62)

If history is so kind to repeat itself, this means the Reds should do very well in 2012 and make the playoffs again. Maybe even make it to the World Series.

From what the Reds have done this offseason it does not look to promising but there is still time and you never know what Walt Jocketty has planned until he makes the deal.


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