First time in GABP

Here is Mat Latos pitching against the Reds in 2009.
“07.29.09: Mat Latos limits the Reds to one run in seven innings, striking out four.”

Here is the video of three rookie pitchers getting the one-hitter against the Reds that day.
“07.29.09: For the first time in Major League history, three rookie pitchers combine on a one-hitter as the Padres pitchers beat the Reds”


  1. This is a very simple game...

    I remember hearing about that when it happened. Sounds like one of those days when, yes, the rookies were good but something I call Rookie Pitcher Syndrome, where the pitcher is so new to the opposing team that he seems way more unhittable than he actually is, was also in full effect. Of course, Latos has continued to do well and should make a fine addition to the Reds.
    — Kristen

  2. 2r2d

    I have just finished watching his last two starts in 2011 and the Reds catchers are going to have their hands full when he is pitching. His curve ball and slider are nasty. He is a strike out pitcher so he will end up throwing a lot of pitches but I am sure he will do well against National League Central teams.

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