What next?

Now that Cincinnati Reds have found their top of the rotation starter in the Mat Latos trade, what should we expect to happen next? From what I have read, the Reds are still looking for more pitching. A closer to be exact and rumors say that they will find one through free agency. They have also been looking for a backup SS/INF who can play many positions and hit. They are also looking for another outfielder. Some rumors say, a right-handed power hitting left fielder but that might have changed now due to the Latos trade. One good thing out of everything that has happened lately is that we should expect the Reds front office to make more moves very quickly and maybe even before Christmas.

There are still many question marks when it comes to the 2012 roster and rotation / bullpen and hopefully before the New Year we will have more answers. I am still a little shocked with the trade but it is starting to look a little brighter than it did the first day. After seeing what Walt Jocketty can do with one move I am waiting anxiously to see what he dares to do next. If I was at a poker table with him right now I would probably be going home broke. Some Reds fans think Walt made a huge mistake and they might be right but from where I am standing it had to be done in order to make the team better now. In my mind he can trade away the whole farm team if he can pull off moves that will get them to the World Series in 2012. Hell, I will help the guys pack.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% happy with losing that many great prospects but if it makes the team better for 2012 and further, so be it. Mat Latos, if he can pitch the same as he did in San Diego will be deadly for the Reds at the top of the Rotation. If you have Mat Latos, Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo healthy for most of the season the Reds will be a team to beat in 2012. Then you have Mike Leake, Ardolis Chapman, Homer Bailey and Sam LeCure to help out and if these guys can stay healthy too, there is no stopping the Reds starting pitchers. They could get some guy off the street to be the closer and it would not matter. But as we all know from last season, injuries happen and if they happen like they did in 2011, we are in for another very long season.

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