Walt said so

Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty said at the start of the offseason that they would be making more trades than getting free agents and so far he has lived up to his word. At the Winter Meetings this offseason it was very frustrating for the front office and it seemed like other teams were just asking way to much for what the Reds needed. But after Redsfest something happened, something big! Walt and his team started looking into making some moves. Rumors were flying and then all of a sudden Mat Latos was traded from San Diego Padres and now Sean Marshall from Chicago Cubs. Walt said they were dealing with pitching first and he has really done that well this offseason. I don’t think he is done yet. I expect them to make one or two more moves even before Christmas. The ball has started to roll and Walt is getting things done at a record speed now. It is true, they went a little slow out of the gate but now they are moving very well and the team is looking a lot better for 2012.

Keep going Walt, keep going.


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