Cincinnati Reds Payroll

I found a great pie chart of the Cincinnati Reds Payroll and thought I would share the link on here so everyone can see where the money will be going. I will also add what I found on

                         2012      2013  2014        2015  2016      2017
Bronson Arroyo            12M     11.5M                                FA
Jay Bruce                  5M      7.5M   10M         12M 12.5M 1M [FA-*]
Francisco Cordero                                                      FA
Brandon Phillips          12M                                          FA
Joey Votto               9.5M       17M                                FA
Johnny Cueto             5.4M      7.4M   10M                 800k [FA-*]
Aroldis Chapman            2M        2M    3M   0 [Arb-*]   Arb        FA
Scott Rolen              6.5M                                          FA
Ryan Hanigan             1.2M     2.05M   Arb                          FA
Ramon Hernandez        signed       Arb                                FA
Nick Masset             Arb-3     Arb-4                                FA
Edgar Renteria                                                         FA
Miguel Cairo               1M                                          FA
Edinson Volquez         Arb-2     Arb-3                                FA
Fred Lewis              Arb-2     Arb-3                                FA
Jared Burton            Arb-3     Arb-4                                FA
Bill Bray               Arb-2     Arb-3                                FA
Jose Arredondo          Arb-1     Arb-2 Arb-3       Arb-4              FA
Drew Stubbs         Pre-Arb-3     Arb-1 Arb-2       Arb-3              FA
Homer Bailey            Arb-1     Arb-2 Arb-3                          FA
Paul Janish             Arb-1     Arb-2 Arb-3                          FA
Mike Leake          Pre-Arb-3     Arb-1 Arb-2       Arb-3              FA
Travis Wood         Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1       Arb-2 Arb-3        FA
Chris Heisey        Pre-Arb-2     Arb-1 Arb-2       Arb-3 Arb-4        FA
Logan Ondrusek      Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1       Arb-2 Arb-3        FA
Jordan Smith          Pre-Arb Pre-Arb-2 Arb-1       Arb-2 Arb-3     Arb-4
Matt Maloney        Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1       Arb-2 Arb-3        FA
Juan Francisco        Pre-Arb Pre-Arb-2 Arb-1       Arb-2 Arb-3     Arb-4
Sam LeCure          Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1       Arb-2 Arb-3        FA

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Generated 12/22/2011.

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