Cardinals still don’t scare me

St. Louis Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran today and I still don’t think that is enough to help them win another World Series. Sure, a two-year deal for Beltran instead of a ten-year deal with Albert Pujols might be smart to some fans but they are really going to miss The Machine when the 2012 season starts. If this is their solution for when Pujols signed with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim the Reds really don’t have a lot to worry about. Don’t get me wrong, they are still a tough team but without Pujols and Tony LaRussa they are not as scary as they once were.

Beltran vs. the Cincinnati Reds is actually a joke compared to Albert Pujols vs. the Reds.

Carlos Beltran career vs. Cincinnati Reds

              Split  G  AB  R  H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
    Cincinnati Reds 47 180 32 48 10  44 27 32 .267 .360 .533 .894

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Generated 12/22/2011.

Albert Pujols vs. the Reds.

              Split   G  AB   R   H HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG   OPS
    Cincinnati Reds 172 652 146 228 46 143 92 52 .350 .430 .641 1.072

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Generated 12/22/2011.


  1. youjivinmeturkey

    I Dunno, Dude.
    I Mean, YES, I Do Love to Watch “Prince Albert” Go-To-Work…
    …ESPECIALLY Against The Cincinnati Commies…er…Reds (hehe)…
    …But Those Days Are Now OVER For We/Us in St. Louis.
    …It’s Time To Turn Ye Ole Page, ya know??!?!
    Berkman moves to 1st.
    Schumaker plays a FINE 2nd-Sack (for an Outfielder hehehe).
    Furcal at SS is a “Big Ole ?” to Me, and I’m sure to The Bulk of Cardinal-Nation.
    Freese at 3rd is Our Reigning “Golden-Boy” so We’ll See How He Holds-Up (since he’s pretty damn FRAGILE as I’m sure you know).
    Holliday, Jay and (now) Beltran across the Outfield SOUNDS Pretty Sweet…
    …with the key word being SOUNDS (hehe).
    Jeebus only knows how we’ll Holliday and Beltran will hold-up, and Jay is SOLID on his D, but a little-lite in the Bat.
    My Issue With The OF, however, is WHERE Will They Slot Allen Craig when he returns after rehab from his knee-surgery??? I LOVE That Guy, so I’d REALLY LOVE To See Him With a SET-SPOT in the Lineup.
    Wain-O, Carp & Jaime should be just fine.
    I HATE HATE HATE Westbrook, and HATE HATE HATE HATE Lohse 😦
    And Motte could be THE Next GREAT Closer, PERIOD.

    So The Cards should (at the very least) Be a Contender…
    …But I Sincerely Don’t Know If They Can Pull-Off the “12 in ’12” Everyone Is Clamoring For.

    …I’m Sure You and I Will Have PLENTY To Blog About!
    BRING ON 2012, BABY!


    • 2r2d

      There will be a lot of close games between the Reds and Cardinals that is for sure but I really think that teams will face them a lot differently then they did in the past.
      If the Reds can stay injury free and the Cardinals can have an injury free season too Central will be a lot of fun to watch.
      All we need is for Prince to get the hell out of Central and see Houston still have their fire sale along with the Cubs total rebuild and it should be very interesting for Cardinals, Reds, Brewers and Pirates.

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