The waiting game

As we wait for more information on the Sean Marshall and Travis Wood trade I have found many rumors that might help clear up why nothing has been said yet. Some believe that the Reds are trying to get a deal done with Marshall that would keep him on the team passed his one year contract. The physical for Marshall and Wood should be done and still no one knows who the two minor league players are. People are not even guessing but from what I have seen already this offseason if they were top prospects people would know and it would have leaked out when the trade was still in the early stages.

No matter what happens next, a lot of people think this is a good trade for both teams. Chicago Cubs get a young starter and prospects while the Reds get a left-handed setup man who might even help ink the deal between the Reds and closer Francisco Cordero. It is rumored he still wants to return to the team and with the two new pitchers (Mat Latos & Sean Marshall) added this might make him want to come back even more. I really don’t think  Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty is done yet though. I have a feeling there will be one more trade before the new Year.


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