The Reds made another move?

After a fun and exciting day yesterday with the trade of Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt and Ronald Torreyes from the Reds for Sean Marshall from Chicago Cubs and the Reds selecting Josh Judy off waivers from Cleveland Indians I have just found out that we might have missed a deal. I am reading that the “Cincinnati Reds signed [catcher] Brian Esposito as a free agent.”

Esposito was drafted in the 5th round of the 2000 amateur draft by Boston Red Sox and has been on six MLB teams, only two of which he actually played in the big leagues. St. Louis Cardinals for one game and Houston Astros for two. (3 AB, 0 hits, 1 SO) He is a minor league catcher who has played 12 seasons. (234 games in AAA and 238 games in AA) He is not much of a hitter (.216 BA in 12 seasons in minors) but his fielding is not to bad with 87 PB, 534 SB, 195 CS, 27% CS% in 655 games. This would mean they would have Corky Miller (35 years old) and Brian Esposito (32 years old) ready to come up if there are any injuries to Reds catchers Ryan Hanigan or Devin Mesoraco. I think having two veteran catchers like this in the farm system is a good move by the Reds.

This move has not been confirmed by Cincinnati Reds on but it could be a move to help with the loss of catching prospect Yasmani Grandal to San Diego Padres in the Mat Latos trade. If this is a move that they did make it shows that they are very comfortable with playing Hanigan and Mesoraco in 2012. And it also shows that all of those arm-chair General Managers still wishing for Mesoraco in a trade to their team this offseason will have to wait even longer.



    • 2r2d

      Walt was a little slow out of the gate but now he is moving along at a good speed. Thank you, it is nice to see that others like baseball just as much as I do.

  1. youjivinmeturkey

    Hola Sir!
    Since You Know My Work AND My Love Of OUR Great Game…
    …I Felt The Need To Let You In On Something.
    While I Have NEVER Been a Cincy Reds Fan (like never ever never never ever)…
    …I DO Have Some Key Players That NEVER Failed To Make Me Smile (at least when I’d watch them “go to work” on the field). =)

    …Here Are My Top THREE (3) Reds of ALL-TIME (aka MY Lifefime)!!!

    #3 = Rob “Nasty Boy” Dibble

    #2 = Mr. Pete Rose (remember sir, 1985 was My Very 1st Year as a Devoted Baseball FAN and SPECTATOR. September 11th, to Me, had ALWAYS Been “The Day Pete PASSED Ty.”)

    And… for #1… someone you may not expect…
    CHRIS SABO!!! He Didn’t Last Very Long (nor did Dibble) BUT He was a fine 3rd-Sacker AND He wore those Goofy-Ass-Glasses JUST LIKE I DID!

    Sometimes, the simplest things can endear someone to you.
    Sabo and his “Specs” Were OUR Simple Thing, ya know???

    SURE YOU DO!!!

    I Do Enjoy Your Blog, Sir.
    I May (STRONGLY) Dislike Your Team…
    …BUT I Can Honestly FEEL and RELATE To YOUR Personal Passion.
    Both For The Reds…
    …and (much more importantly) For BASEBALL ITSELF.

    Keep It Up, Dude.
    You’re a FINE Read, and I DO Look Forward To Keeping-Up-With Your Rants, Raves, Reviews… and INSIGHT!!!

    L8r On, Sir!

    • 2r2d

      Thank you very much. Two of those three are the reason I am a Reds fan to tell you the honest truth. Rob Dibble and Chris Sabo. Of course what Reds fan could not love Pete Rose? But Rob Dibble and Chris Sabo were great players to watch play especially when they won the World Series in 1990.

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