Time flies when you are having fun

Wow, what a day for Cincinnati Reds. First they finally published the Sean Marshall trade with the names of the two ‘minor leaguers.’ Chicago Cubs traded LHP Sean Marshall to Cincinnati Reds for LHP Travis Wood, OF Dave Sappelt and minor league IF Ronald Torreyes. Many fans were very upset all day about the news and most Cubs fans were sad to see Marshall go because of the type of player he is on and off the field. I am one of those that think this is a good move for both clubs, even if it is division rivals.

Many of us thought the Reds were done for the day after that news but no, they then announced that they claimed right-handed reliever Josh Judy off waivers from the Indians. Many people were not to excited about this move because they don’t know who Josh is, but once they get to see this kid pitch they should start to come around. He has a lot of promise and should work out for the Reds very nicely, either in AAA at the start of the season or in the Reds bullpen after spring training. Either way, it is a very nice move by the Reds to help fill up their 40 man roster again, which dipped down to 36 after the two big trades. I just had the pleasure of meeting @XS_Sports, (Excess Sports) they represent Josh Judy and we are all very excited to see how well Josh does in a Reds jersey.

Walt Jocketty told reporters that they are done until the New Year. Once 2012 is here though, they should get busy on trying to find a closer, they are still trying to re-sign Francisco Cordero and a right-handed power hitting left fielder along with other players for the bench. Of course Walt did not say how he was going to get those players but many think they will look at free agents for it. I think he is going to keep trading for what they need.

I had a blast today reading all of the fans comments about the trade and some of the messages on twitter by some of the Cincinnati Reds insiders were very positive and motivating. Jamie Ramsey said on twitter today;
“I’ve been with the Reds since ’97 and man, we had to put on a happy face during some really really tough years….” [Source]
“….this stuff we’re doing now under Bob C. and Walt is not only exciting, but it’s fun. Very encouraging and puts a pep in our step.” [Source]

Of course some upset fans had to jump on these comments and ruin the mood but it was still a very nice day to be a Reds fan. Walt will never make every fan happy, and he knows that but if this team wins the World Series, I am sure those very upset fans right now will find it in their hearts to forgive him.


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