Johnny be good!

Johnny Cueto 2011

2-seam Fastball
4-seam Fastball

Johnny Cueto threw his 93.4 MPH 2-seam fastball 958 times in 2011. (40.4%) 65.9% of them were strikes, 48.9% swung on, 5.5% whiffs, 22.8% fouled off while 20.6% were put in play.

His slider was as another great out pitch for him. Clocking in at 82.6 MPH he threw it 27.1% of the time (642) with 61.7% being strikes and 46% swung on. 11.4% were whiffed at and 17.4% were foul balls while only 17.1% were put into play.

Cueto threw his 92 MPH 4-seam fastball 542 times (22.8%) and hit the strike zone 57.6% of the time. 44.1% were swung on while only 5.5% were whiffed at. 18.5% fouled off and 20.1% were put in play.

228 times (9.6%) he threw his fourth pitch, an 83.7 MPH change-up which hit the strike zone more than his 4-seam fastball at 62.3% of the time. 51.3% of them were swung on with 14.0% whiffed at and 14.9 fouled off and 22.4% in play. With numbers like that I expect his change-up to be used a lot more in 2012 if he wants to be the ace that the Reds want him to be.

He also threw a fastball 3 times at 92.2 MPH, 33.3% were strikes with 33.3% swung at and 33.3% whiffed at. 0% were fouled off and 0% were in play.

Johnny Cueto had some impressive at-bat results in 2011. 24.68% groundouts, 16.30% strikeouts, 14.56% singles and 12.34% flyouts. 7.44% were walks while 1.27% were home runs.

You can find all of this information at Pitch f/x. Where you can even check out the break down for every game he pitched in 2011.

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