The New Year is here!

Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty said that they would not be doing any more until the new year. 2012 is here and now the rumors start again with who the Reds will get for their left fielder and bench players. Will they keep trading this offseason or will they finally go looking at free agents. Everyone is still waiting to find out if Francisco Cordero will re-sign with the Reds for one more year.

I am very excited to see who the Reds will get now. Since the trades that ended 2011 were huge moves I can only imagine that the first transaction of 2012 will be a good one too. From what has been reported so far it sounds like Walt Jocketty is now looking for an right-handed left fielder for the team. I am very curious to see if Walt pulls off anymore trades to make the team better and if he does, who do they possibly have to trade away?


  1. youjivinmeturkey

    Walk Jocketty Is A BEAST, My Friend.
    Best GM The Cardinals EVER HAD. PERIOD.
    Sadly, St. Louis used Jocketty as their “Sacrificial Lamb” and He QUICKLY Found a Home in Cincinnati.
    Now Y’all Just Need To Dump Mr. Dusty “I LOVE TO USE UP GOOD PLAYERS UNTIL THEY’RE WRECKED” Baker.
    I’ve Hated That Dude Since His Days in San Fran…
    …Hated Him MORE with The Cubs…
    …and He’s Doing His Damage in Cincy, also.
    He May Win SOMETIMES…
    He’s a Guy that Honestly Cares MORE About WINNING than He Does For Those Trying To Win It For Him in The 1st Place.
    Once Dusty Bites The “Proverbial Dust”…
    …Cincy Will Be MUCH BETTER OFF, FO Flippin’ SHO!!!

    Oh, and Happy New Year, Sir!

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