It is always nice to have options

Out Of Options: “The following players on the Reds’ 40-man roster do not have options: RHP Jose Arredondo, RHP Bronson Arroyo, RHP Homer Bailey, LHP Bill Bray, IF Miguel Cairo, RHP Carlos Fisher, IF Juan Francisco, RHP Nick Masset and 2B Brandon Phillips.” [Source]

That makes 9 players out of 38 on the 40-man roster. Jose Arredondo, Homer Bailey, Carlos Fisher and Juan Francisco are the ones that concern me the most. Will they be able to step up their game and play to their potential the whole season? And stay healthy at the same time. I am looking forward to watching Juan Francisco play in 2012 and I really hope these three pitchers can stay off the DL and play great for the Reds.

Another question that comes to mind right now is; will these three pitchers be included in another trade before spring training? The Reds are still looking for an outfielder and a SS/INF and most people think they will look at free agents for that help. I still think Walt Jocketty will make another trade and these three pitchers might be a part of it. There have been some rumors about Homer Bailey being traded already but only by fans, I am not sure if reporters have asked Walt Jocketty if he would trade away these three pitchers this offseason.

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