2012 will be perfect

On Friday, September 16, 1988, at Riverfront Stadium in front of 16,591 fans Tom Browning pitched in 9 innings, getting 7 strike outs with no hits and no walks. He threw 100 pitches (72 strikes) that day against Los Angeles Dodgers. Cincinnati Reds went on to win that game 1-0.

As the Reds get ready for 2012 I really think they have a shot at having another game like this more than any other season I have watched. Mat Latos is that good of a pitcher. I really think he has a shot at getting a no-hitter his first season for the Reds.

Mat Latos in his young career (72 games) has pitched six 2 hit games and two 1 hit games. Tom Browning played in 302 games and had seven 2 hit games and three 1 hit games along with the one no-hitter.


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