Ryan Hanigan for Seth Smith

Buster Olney reports on ESPN MLB that “one of the ideas that was discussed early this winter was Tampa Bay acquiring [Seth] Smith and then flipping him to the Cincinnati Reds in return for catcher Ryan Hanigan.” [Source] @Buster_ESPN

In 12 games played in Great American Ball Park Seth Smith has gone 8 for 35 with 4 home runs. Although many would say that is way to small of a sample size to really judge how well he would do there I have to think Ryan Hanigan is way more valuable to the Reds right now than anything Smith would be able to do in 2012. But I am one of those Reds fans that can’t wait to see what Hanigan can do as the main catcher this season. I think his on base percentage is going to be insane if he gets over 110 games played.

I really don’t think Reds fans have to worry too much about a deal like this now though because if the front office did make a move like this, they would have to then look for a catcher to help share time with Devin Mesoraco.


  1. 2r2d

    I agree. I find it funny how this is the first time I heard of it though. LOL The only Hanigan rumor I heard this offseason before this was tied with the Angels.

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