Better Off Red made my day!

I got my Better Off Red t-shirt today and I just have to show it off. As a Reds fan I have found Jamie Ramsey to be the man to follow when I want to know what is happening with the team and staff. Mark Sheldon and John Fay are two others I follow and I respect them just as much as I do Jamie Ramsey when it comes to the Reds. So when Jamie Ramsey sent me an email asking for my address so he could send me a shirt I was blown away. I am still shocked to tell you the truth. It is a huge honor to have this and the best part of all is that he signed it for me! Now, before any rumors start, NO! this shirt and autograph are not for sale, nor will they ever be. 🙂

Better Off Red

Better Off Red

Jamie Ramsey autograph

Jamie Ramsey autograph

Thank you Jamie Ramsey. — Keep up the great work that you do.

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