Ryan Theriot and Cincinnati Reds

I have noticed a few tweets and blog posts lately involving Cincinnati Reds and 2B/SS Ryan Theriot. “#reds and #rays are in on ryan theriot, a versatile infielder with a excellent bat. #astros also have some interest.”

Ryan Theriot has had good numbers at Great American Ball Park in his career. In 35 games (137 PA) he has a .282 BA, .366 OBP with a .333 SLG. He also has 14 walks and 13 strike outs. Against the Reds, Theriot has a .301 BA, .354 OBP and a .399 SLG in 79 games. (318 PA) With 795 games in his career he has a .282 BA and a .344 OBP which could really help out the Reds alot in 2012.

His at-bat results are pretty good for 2011 with 25% ground out, 18.88% singles, 16.38% flyouts, 8.86% strikeouts and 5.78% walks. The only thing that scares me about Ryan Theriot from his 2011 season is that he grounded into double plays 3.08% of the time but if he was to bat behind someone like Drew Stubbs this might not be as big of an issue in 2012.

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