Can Ryan Madson break the Reds single season save record?

With everyone still waiting on the official news of Cincinnati Reds signing closer Ryan Madson I thought maybe we should discuss saves and how many Madson will have to get in order to make his mark in just one season. Jeff Brantley holds the Reds single season save record with 44 saves in 1996. Ryan Madson got 32 saves last season for Philadelphia Phillies.

Jeff Brantley had 49 save opportunities and blew 5 saves in 1996 to walk out with a 90% SV%. Ryan Madson had 34 save opportunities and blew 2 saves in 2011 to get a 94% SV%. Francisco Cordero had 43 save opportunities and blew 6 saves in 2011 (86% SV%) and in 2010 he had 48 SVOpp with 8 BSv with a 83% SV%.

Will Ryan Madson break the single season save record in 2012? It is hard to say but it sure would be a great year if he came close. Francisco Cordero came close to beating the record while he was with the Reds with 40 saves in 2010. Jeff Shaw had 42 in 1997 and Danny Graves had 41 in 2004. Danny Graves of course has the most saves in Reds history with 182 and Cordero gets second with 150. With Madson only signing a one year contract I am sure he will not be around long enough to challenge that record but the single season record is all his if he can get the opportunities.

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