How smart is your Scoreboard Operator?

Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park Scoreboard Operator Rich Linville will be on MLB Network’s Baseball IQ trying to win money for the Reds Community Fund. I had the chance to listen to Rich talk to Mo Egger on Cincinnati’s ESPN 1530 today and I just have to take my hat off to the man, because there is no way I would ever be able to answer any of the questions he mentioned without a computer handy. (Then again, I have the worst memory known to man.) Rich Linville is of course the man who comes up with the Scoreboard Stumpers at Great American Ball Park which Mo Egger went on to say he has lost tons of money with beer bets on trying to get the right answer. I am glad I am not a part of that bet, because I know for a fact Mo Egger would be winning more than losing against me. Although I might be willing to bet on who will win in Baseball IQ against Mo Egger if I get to pick Rich. I first read about this story at Jamie Ramsey’s Blog ‘Better Off Red’ – “BASEBALL IQ” Here is a great story about this at – “Reds’ scoreboard guy’s in limelight.” [Source – @Jamieblog]

I would like to wish Rich Linville good luck and I know that a lot of Reds fans will be cheering him.

I would also like to thank Jamie Ramsey for the shout out today on Twitter.

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