I like Zavada and not just for his mustache

Clay Zavada has joined the Cincinnati Reds and besides the killer mustache there is another reason I like having this kid on the team. His birthday is on June 28th. The same as mine, Brandon Phillips and Chris Speier. I wrote already about Brandon Phillips and Chris Speier in my post, I share my birthday with and I talked a little about Zavada in my post, ‘Oh Mo!’ – LeCure better look out. I have not had a chance to see him pitch too much lately but hopefully this spring training I will be able to see a lot more and of course I hope he will get on the 40-man roster so I can see him pitch even more. He will have a lot of competition though so only time will tell.

I am starting to think Walt Jocketty likes me. I think he has been reading my posts and thinking of ways to make me happy. Or, it is just a fluke that the Reds signed another players that has the same birthday as me. Zavada and Phillips are the only active players that I know of right now that were born on June 28th. I stated before that I would love to see Zavada and Sam LeCure pitching in the bullpen in 2012. People have already been calling this seasons bullpen the Ma-sty Boys, I think we will have to change that to the Ma-stachey Boys. Of course Zavada will have to prove himself worthy at spring training and there are a lot of great pitchers going to be trying to get big league jobs. With all of these pitchers being invited to spring training I am starting to think another trade is coming very soon where the Reds will send some of their out of options pitchers for bench players. When Mark Sheldon asked Walt Jocketty about LF and SS/INF he said, “Hopefully, by next week I’d like to have both of them resolved.

Funny story before I end this post; I was looking through all of the players that have or had a birthday on June 28th and saw Clay Zavada’s name and thought to myself, it would be nice if Walt could get this kid so then I can write more about June 28th. 2012 is going to be a great year and I am going to have fun celebrating my birthday this year. Thanks Walt.


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