‘Oh Mo!’ – LeCure better look out

Left-handed pitchers Ron Mahay and Clay Zavada signed Minor League contracts with Cincinnati Reds and are invited to spring training as non-roster players. [Source – Mark Sheldon]

When I saw the picture of Clay Zavada I thought of Sam LeCure right away. There’s a new ‘stache in town and Sam better bring his grooming gear this spring. I would love to see these two guys in the bullpen opening day. They would make a deadly righty/lefty combination. Hitters would be staring at the mustaches instead of the pitch. Update: Sam LeCure was asked on twitter what he thought and said, “I’m impressed by this dudes stache craft. Throw @Corky_Miller in there bc he’s basically the godfather of it all” [ Tweet ]

Sam Lecure

Sam LeCure

Clay Zavada

Clay Zavada


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