Time for a change-up

I read a story this week about Madson’s change-up and thought I would add the link and talk a little about it and see what everyone else thought. [Source – Mark Simon: Madson’s changeup: A deadly weapon]

Ryan Madson had a 15.2 wCH and a 4.61 wCH/C. He threw his change-up 352 times in 2011. (35.3%) Getting it over the strike zone 65.6% of the time with 61.4% swing, 33.8% whiff, 13.1% foul and 14.5% in play.

Mark Simon went on to list some of the characteristics of Madson’s change-up:

•An average of 10 inches of break to the right (the second-biggest amount in MLB).
•It was out of the strike zone nearly 75 percent of the time.
•Yet, it was swung at 65 percent of the time (second-most often among right-handers).
•Hitters missed on more than half their swings (52 percent, third-best among right-handers).
•Hitters chased 62 percent of pitches out of the strike zone (the highest chase rate for a righty in baseball).
•It was put in play less than 25 percent of the time (fourth-least among right-handed pitchers).

Pitcher values from fangraphs and pitch results from pitch f/x. If you have not read Mark Simon’s article I suggest you do. It really shows how powerful Ryan Madson will be against left handed hitters in 2012.


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