Fans still want more pitching

When I started 2r2d I tried to read as much as I could before I got started to try to get an idea of how fans felt about Cincinnati Reds. I have checked many blogs and I know there are still a lot out there that I have not seen yet, but I am very happy with the ones I have found. It is always good to find people who love your baseball team just as much as you do and I really think I have found a lot lately. All of the blogs I have found so far for the Reds are on the sidebar. If you know of any others worth checking out please leave a comment.

I have to be honest, I have tried to get involved in forums and message boards before and it has never been one of my most liked ways of finding out what the fans like. There are some guys that I try to follow what they say but with one good person there are ten or twenty bad ones so it is hard to keep up. I thought I would add some links to forums / message boards and once again, if you know of any others please comment and I will add them.

Cincinnati Reds Message Boards
Reds 4 Life Fan Forum

From reading blogs and glancing at some message boards it is starting to look like fans want even more pitching instead of position players. Even after the Reds getting Mat Latos, Sean Marshall and Ryan Madson, fans would rather see Walt Jocketty spend more money (and/or prospects) on pitching instead of a LF and SS/INF. A lot of the fans think Chris Heisey and Zack Cozart will do great at LF and SS and there is no need for anyone but maybe some low-budget fillers to help give them rest when needed.

There are many fans out there that really don’t think the starting rotation is where it should be and are hoping for another top of the rotation starter. I can honestly tell you right now, I really don’t think any more pitchers will be added this offseason. First, the Reds don’t have much more to trade for a top of the rotation starter and I really don’t think they have enough money for any of the starting pitchers that are free agents right now. Plus, I think Walt and the rest of the front office thinks their rotation is good enough with who they have. I won’t lie, one more good starter would always be nice to have but I am also hoping Aroldis Chapman proves everyone wrong and becomes a deadly starter in 2012. As for the bullpen, I think they are done there too and I seriously think there might be a few relief pitchers traded for a position player before the offseason is over. From what I have read, pitching is pretty much ready for spring training. Now the front office will work on getting position players and I expect Walt to get that done within a week or two. Of course, you never know when it comes to this time of year, something big might come up and another big move might happen but I think it would have to really impress Walt Jocketty a lot in order for him to say yes right now.

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