Have faith

Some baseball fans still think St. Louis Cardinals have the National League Central won in 2012. Even with the moves that the Cincinnati Reds have made this offseason people still believe it will not be good enough to take the Cardinals down. Even some Reds fans are saying it, which I find amazing. Let’s be honest here, when is the last time the Reds made this many great moves in one offseason? Should you not be excited about this upcoming season? There are some that say that the moves are great but they still don’t have what it takes to take first in the Central. They think the Reds have enough to beat Milwaukee Brewers and the rest of the teams in their division but will lose against St. Louis and might make the playoffs because of the wildcard. I say, have faith in what Walt is doing and just go with it. This is the most action the Reds have had in many offseasons and we should all be jumping for joy because for the first time in many years, Walt walked the walk instead of just talking the talk.

I don’t see what some of these baseball fans see. The Cardinals have just as many holes as the Reds do and I think they will go down with injuries in 2012 a lot more than the Reds will. They have a new manager and pitching coach along with Albert Pujols no longer in the batting order. In my mind they lost more than any team in the Central so how exactly are they going to take first? They are a tough team, they always have been but I don’t think they will be the number one team. Remember folks, they did not take first place last year. Sure they did great in the playoffs and went on to win the World Series but I really can’t see them doing that again in 2012.

Sure, the Reds still have question marks and if they get injured like they did in 2011 they will be lucky if they make it over .500, but they are way better this offseason then they were last offseason. They brought in top players that will help the team win many games. Top players that are within their budget. You have to give credit to Walt Jocketty for doing such a great job this offseason. He really stepped up and delivered a home run when it comes to transactions this offseason. No matter, if you think they were good or bad moves you have to admit this offseason has been the most exciting one for Reds fans for many years.


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