Don’t forget about Mike Leake

Mike Leake finished the 2011 season with a 12 – 9 record while getting a 3.86 ERA with 118 strike outs and only allowing 38 walks.

He threw his 88 MPH cut fastball 775 times (30.6%) and hit the strike Zone 67.6% of the time with 50.3% swing, 7.6% whiff, 19.5% foul and 23.2% in play.

629 times he threw a 89 MPH sinker with 60.4% of them in the strike zone with 37.2% swung on and 3.5% whiff, 13.4% foul and 20.3% in play.

Leake threw a deadly slider in 2011 426 times (16.8%) topping out at 82.7 MPH. 65% were strikes and 55.4% were swung on with 20.7% whiff and 16.9 foul with 17.8% in play.

His change-up was thrown 297 times and hit the strike zone 59.9% of the time with 43.8% swing, 7.1% whiff, 15.8% foul and 20.9% in play.

Leake’s 89 MPH 4-seam fastball was thrown 222 times (8.8%) with 64.4% of them being strikes and 46.8% swung on. 2.3% whiff, 20.3% foul and 24.3% in play.

His curveball was thrown 178 times (7%) and hit the strike zone 61.8% of the time with 33.7% swung on, 4.5% whiff and 15.2% foul with 14% in play.

Leake also threw a fastball 7 times in 2011 with 57.1% strikes and 28.6% swung on with 14.3% fouled off and 14.3% put in play.

In 2011 Mike Leake had some great at-bat results with 24.17% groundout, 16.98% stirkeout, 14.82% single and 14.10% flyout. He also had 5.04% walk and 3.31% home run which is pretty good for pitching most games in Great American Ball Park.

I think Mike Leake will have another great season for Cincinnati Reds in 2012 and he will give Mat Latos and Johnny Cueto a good run for those top two spots in the rotation in spring training. Having Leake as the number three guy in the rotation hopefully will help get Bronson Arroyo back to form this season and maybe help him bounce back from a rough season in 2011.

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