Reds prospects rank 23rd

Doug Gray posts John Sickels Farm System Rankings for 2012.

I wanted to add this link to the blog so then I can check back to it as the season gets closer. This is very interesting and I would like to thank Doug Gray for posting it. Very nice to see where the Reds rank. For more information about John Sickels please check out


  1. youjivinmeturkey

    Your Reds are 23rd…
    …and My Cardinals are…
    …OH YEAH…
    Honestly, at 12:51am, I’m Damn-Near BEAMING!!!
    I AM SOOOOO READY For This Damned Season To START, Dude.
    I’m Sorry, BUT I STILL HATE HATE HATE TheNFL, TheNBA, and ANY-SPORT Where The Skates Have BLADES (NOT Wheels hehehe)!!!

    • 2r2d

      The Cardinals are going to need all the prospects they got this season. LOL Take a look at San Diego now though. The Reds helped them big time. Spring Training is going to be great.

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