Jeff Francis and other options

Cincinnati Reds are not done shopping this offseason. Walt Jocketty has told reporters that he is looking to trade for a SS / INF and they are looking into trying to get LHP Jeff Francis to add some more depth. [Source – Mark Sheldon]

I read that the Reds are looking to maybe getting Francis signed to a minor league deal which in my mind would be great, but there are a few other teams looking into trying to sign him so I am not sure if a deal will get done. Jeff Francis would be better off coming back to the National League though since he did not have to good of a season for Kansas City Royals in 2011. There are some people who think Francis would not be a good option because of Great American Ball Park but if they do sign him to a minor league deal I really don’t see it as being a big issue since it will give the team more options. It would be another low risk high returns kind of deal which has been paying off for Walt Jocketty this offseason so far.

There have been a few people interested in the SS / INF trade talk and I have to be very honest, I am just as stumped as you are to who they will go after and who they will give up to get a backup utility infielder. I have some guesses but so far I have been way off when trying to guess what Walt will do. I thought maybe Carlos Fisher or Jose Arredondo would be traded for what they need but like I said before, I have not been too good at guessing this offseason.


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