What will come first?

I wanted to have some fun and see what everyone thought about some of these questions. I could have started a poll for each but would rather have comments so then you can discuss your decisions.

What will come first in 2012?

Mat Latos getting a no-hitter or Mat Latos getting a home run?
Johnny Cueto 20 wins or Johnny Cueto 200 IP?
Ryan Madson 40 saves or Ryan Madson 90 SO?
Ryan Ludwick 20 HR or Ryan Ludwick 120 SO?
Joey Votto 120 hits or Joey Votto 20 HR?
Jay Bruce 25 HR or Jay Bruce 100 SO?
Drew Stubbs 125 SO or Drew Stubbs 25 SB?
Mike Leake 15 wins or Mike Leake 125 SO?
Bronson Arroyo 215 IP or Bronson Arroyo allowing 30 HR?
Cincinnati Reds 20 wins or Cincinnati Reds 20 losses?


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