A lot has happened

I have been pretty silent this spring training but I am still watching and listening to everything that is going on. First, the injury to Ryan Madson stung a little but that kind of thing happens in baseball. The Reds took a gamble and it didn’t work out. Second, Joey Votto is staying with the team. I am very happy with this move because it really shows the head office wants to put together a top team for many years to come. They have many options for Brandon Phillips if they decide to trade him. Of course when I say options I mean they have young players ready or one year away from being ready to play his position. I do not mean in no way that they would be better than him at 2B. Joey Votto, in my mind can not be replaced as easily.

I am looking forward to what happens this season and I am very happy to see the time is finally here to start playing ball. And just so you all know, I still believe the Reds have the best team in the Central. I wish you all a great season. I will post more often now that the season is starting and give my thoughts on games and deals when they happen. Go Reds!!!


  1. youjivinmeturkey

    Dude, You And I Are Hoeing The Same Row.
    I’ve Not Posted Much On Baseball During The Off-Season and Spring-Training. I’ve Kept Up With All The Reports And Such, But Haven’t Had A Bundle To Say About It All. SOOOOOOOOOO, Now That The Season Is Back, I’m Hoping To Be Getting Back To The Passion That IS Baseball Writing.
    I Love It. I Miss It. I’m Ready To Get’er Goin’ Again!
    Glad You’re Back, Dude!
    And, While I Think The Reds Gave VOTTO Toooooo Much Money…
    …I AM Glad He’ll Be Staying In Cincy. It Just Makes Our Rivalry SO MUCH THE BETTER!!!

    PS: GO CARDS!!!

    • 2r2d

      On paper (Spring Training stats) Your boys are looking great. BUT, that is just spring trainging LOL. I am looking forward to a great season for both of us going back and forth.

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