Homer, Homer, Homer!!!

I won’t say much about yesterdays game because to tell you the truth I am still a little confused as to why the front office keeps giving certain players chances when it is obvious they are just not cutting it. Hell some of them don’t even look like they want to be on the field some days, which really drives me crazy. Some players forget, they have the best job ever and there are millions that would die to have a shot to play where they are. We all know that sometimes you have to cut a player or trade him in order for him to figure that out. Homer Bailey is one of those players. He needs a wake up call.

Anyways, it was a great game and although the team gave up an early lead and pretty much crippled the teams motivation there were some great plays. Cardinal fans should know that this team they have right now are going off of a huge buzz from last year, not to mention they all have that, “We are going to prove you wrong” mentality right now which will change as the season goes on.

This is just the start and I am still very confident the Reds will kick back and win a good amount of games against the Cardinals. I am hoping the front office will pull the trigger on Bailey though, I really think it is time to wake that boy up, and since he is out of options there is only one other thing to do. Hell if I was the front office, I would trade him for a player to be named later just to send that message loud and clear to him. That boy needs to focus!



    • 2r2d

      It really is a dream job for many but some with talent just don’t work as hard as others. It has been that way for years. But, while people like Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips are getting big pay-days Drew Stubbs and Homer Bailey will be packing their bags and playing for 15 different teams in their up and down careers.

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